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Well my dad's home again. My brother's gone to Kerry's. Mum's at… - Keeper of the Cages
Well my dad's home again. My brother's gone to Kerry's. Mum's at work.

And I got to sleep until 11am! How wizard is that?! No Builders outside my window at 8.30am, no gas men arriving between 8am and 1pm, no postman ringing the doorbell, and definitely no stupid people phoning the house at all hours asking if they can speak to either my mum or dad.

Why do people phone the house, call centres I mean, in the middle of the day asking if the owners are in? Usually the owners are out at work, so why not wait until such sensible times as 7pm when there is likely to be someone in? And why do they sound so put out when you say that they aren't in? It's not my fault that they're at work now is it? (well indirectly it is but that's not pointy enough now is it?!)

The postman, now here's a man who has impeccable timing. Namely when I've only just got out the shower and am just about to get dressed and my dressing gown seems to have run away somewhere when I had it on just moments before. It's even better if I've washed my hair and it's all scrunched up and wet.

Why do men usually just half hear the noise of the phone or the door, even when they're awake, and then shout you to go get it even if you've only just been awoken by said noise? Are their legs deficient so they can't do it? Do they just think that you need the exercise of rolling out of bed running across your room pulling the door open running down the stairs and skidding to a halt when arriving at the door/phone, consequently sounding all breathless to the person causing the disturbance? Men should never live in houses with upstairs they should live in ground floor houses and then it wouldn't be such a task for them.

Sorry didn't mean to sound all man bashy there! Oh well I'm off to find out where and when I can study my long list of subjects...
European Computer Driving License - Helsby I think

Sage Accounting and Payroll - Warrington maybe

Bookkeeping - not too sure yet

A-Level History - Halton or Liverpool

Archeology - Liverpool

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