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Update or at least a half-arsed attempt at one! - Keeper of the Cages
Update or at least a half-arsed attempt at one!
Hey still in Stirling, in the library to be precise, but that's neither here nor there really!

What have I been doing???? Well I've been to Edinburgh 'cos the festival is on there at the moment.

We, Lisa Vicky and I, saw "The Rap Canterbury Tales" on Monday which was really good. It's just this one man show thing and you totally get to understand the stories, well you at least listen so maybe thats why you understand the stories more! Then last night we and Angela saw "Pick of The Best" which is like a show case of random comedians who are performing at the festival. Very funny!

So this is the last week in Stirling. It's rather sad really. Don't want to go home, but I do for somethings. I wonder if I could get a job up here. Edinburgh would be nice, but I'd need someone to live with. *starts plotting to get Lisa to move to Edinburgh too!*

Spain is going to be relaxing I hope. Need to rest and you know hopefully sleep finally.

Love to Kathryn just 'cos. But also gah sleep left me at 6am yesterday and didn't really return wench! Meh not that it matters really 'cos it's been going on over a week. Slight noise oh I'm awake. rather rubbish if you ask me 'cos sleep is rather vital I feel!

Right got to go seeing as I have 15mins left and need to check jobs etc. There is a possible one on the horizon, which to tell the truth I REALLY DON'T WANT. But hey if I get it I wont complain, just keep looking!

Have a great time doing what ever where ever and I'll be back on Tuesday. xx

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