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Wish me luck! I'm home for the night so I can go for a job interview… - Keeper of the Cages
Wish me luck!

I'm home for the night so I can go for a job interview tomorrow morning at 10am.

Today has been quite a tizwas! Library at lunch, drink at Beanscene, phone agency women back 'cos she left a voicemail, phone my mum, phone kat, get phoned back by my mum, phone kat, phone the agency women again, talk to Lisa, phone the plumber, Phone Vicky, Phone Landlord, answer phone to agency woman, phone Virgin woman Trains, answer phone to agency woman, grab knickers and GHDs, get lift to train station, run across station, hope train travels very fast to Edinburgh, run across Edinburgh station, buy ticket, run back across station on to train, stare rather bored like out the window for 4hrs!

So all that happened in the space of 9hrs, hence why I only managed to grab knickers and GHDs, lucky have most of my clothes at home really!

I'm only spending 14hrs at home and then rushing back to Stirling for Lisa's last night *sob*.

So I'm off to bed so I can wake at 7am to prepare for the agency woman to phone at 8.30am to go through my interview before hand. Gah I'm not sure I even want the job, but they're willing to pay study for professional qualifications, so who am I to turn down such a thing?!

Night night and sweet dreams to all xx

Current Mood: rushed rushed
Current Music: Mad Chase Music in my head!

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