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I have a cold. I mean what a stupid thing to get when on Holiday.… - Keeper of the Cages
I have a cold. I mean what a stupid thing to get when on Holiday. Was feeling so icky last night that I went straight to bed. No nettage no staying up to watch Men In Black and Schindlers List in Spanish Nada!

So today I spent in my room hoping to make it all go away and be ok for tomorrow's trip to Montserrat and the Winery. Hopefully should be ok. I think it'll be down to the bottle of wine I drank at lunch and the 2 Lemsips!

I think I worked out why they have siestas - they drink at lunch so they have to sleep so they can function at work later on!

Right so the weather at the moment is Very windy and raining and lightening! so that shall be fun when I walk back to the apartment!

I keep getting these job search e-mails from prospects.co.uk which is fine enough, but I have a job and the searches are rather crappy, not what I want at all. stupid people at places that don't listen when you tell them what you want to do.

Well I'm off, but love to you all and ::huggles:: to Kat.

S xxxxxxxx

Current Mood: recovering

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