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Montserrat is really good! saw these choir boys and they were soooo… - Keeper of the Cages — LiveJournal
Montserrat is really good! saw these choir boys and they were soooo good! Did like a 20 minute dash round the art gallery there 'cos we had to meet the buds, but that was fun!

Torres Winery is very nice and all should go for a free tasting! yes yes.

The storm last night was HUGE and SCARY and NOISY! I got absolutely drenched walking back, but if I'd waited until it died down I would have been sitting in the reception until at least 3am!

Ok Creme Catalan is OMG HEAVENLY! *dies of over eating!*

Think I may have drunk too much today 'cos you know all with the very merry before I even thought of going out to dinner! (I sound like an alcholholic don't I?! I'm not you know!)

OOOOOHHHHH! THE CALLING 15 OCTOBER 2004 MANCHESTER APOLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with Beth!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!! *Kiss Kiss* And Mistress Kathryn too of course!!!! *kiss Kiss*

Going in a minute, but Barcelona on Friday! pressies I think may come from there though not too sure...

Got to finish Digital Fortress (Dan Brown again!) I mean I only started it yesterday... it's disgraceful the slowness of me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: Merry

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