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I HATE GAME! - Keeper of the Cages
Right I go and purchase Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone for the Playstation cos it was reduced to £9.98 so wooo! And I bought Bridget Jones Diary and Gosford Park on DVD too 'cos they were reduced! Right so I go pay and see the woman put all the stuff in the cases and so I'm like Wooo! finally I have them. Got home and what did I find when I was going to play HP? Inside the case was the booklet thing that goes with it and inside the booklet, instead of my shiny HP game disk I have Medal of Honour. Now you'd think that if it was inside the HP booklet in the draw behind the counter it would be the HP cd, but OH NO IT'S SO NOT! So now I have to wait to play 'cos I have to go back tomorrow or wait until Tuesday to go and change it. I am one UNHAPPY BUNNY I can tell you. Humph! Stupid arse Game. Can they not read?! Even the colours on the disk should have told them, green MoH and Blue HP. Not too difficult is it?! Ok so I'm off to calm down and read some fic. Have a happy time and I'll be back when I can string coherent thoughts together! Byes XX

P.S. LJ spell check doesn't recognise ARSE! TH! toodles XX

Current Mood: angry angry
Current Music: Twilight - Vanessa Carlton

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