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I want these pants... VoldemortMalfoy 04 They just they... In… - Keeper of the Cages
I want these pants... VoldemortMalfoy 04 They just they...

In other news

Well yes it was either going to happen whilst I was on holiday or the first day of my new job, so I have no idea which is the lesser of two evils, but I got my period today! yay! (erm sarcasm is my only weapon at the moment!)

Also my mind seems to have left me completely bereft of what ever it does. Not alot I can imagine though, really seeing as it belongs to me!

Pet hates of the moment...

Leg hair
stupid boys who don't return messages
stupid boys who well just who
audio books that just die right at the end of the tale so you get confused
people enquiring what you are printing out
people enquiring what you are reading from printed sheets
men with back/chest hair
cleaners that don't actually clean

That's all for now I think. I shall have to go read some fluffy things to cheer up - not that I'm not happy, far from it I just sound like a whiny little blip at the moment! sorry!

Love you all S xxxxxxxx

Current Mood: bitchy bitchy

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