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Went to Tarragona today and well there wasn't all that much there… - Keeper of the Cages
Went to Tarragona today and well there wasn't all that much there really. All the shops were closed and well there wasn't much else to see.

There was something I was going to say, but well I've lost it now. That's not really all that different from normal me now is it?!

I just realised that in This time next week I will have finished my first day of "the rest of my life" work and my first day of my first college course! OMG am I scared! I mean yay I'll have my own desk and I'll have my own computer and I'm not going to get shifted around when the real owner of said desk and computer returns from holiday (seeing as they'll be mine), but it's serious stuff with like no going away after 6 or so weeks to go back to uni or where ever. I think I may officially be worried about being grown up and working. *breathes deeply* I can do it I mean growing up isn't scary right? Is it?

Right off the evil topic of the moment!

Happy Birthday to Peter, Frances, DJ, Emma, Ben, and Simon. That's all the birthdays this month I think, but I maybe completely wrong! If I am please tell me and I'll make special announcement! (Oh and I will make pics when I'm home for you lot too!)

Love to you all on this the second to last day of my hols!

Current Mood: Mixed

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