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short update. - Keeper of the Cages
short update.
I say to thee how how is JRM in Vanity Fair? THOSE BOOTS AND TROUSERS...

Oh sorry um yes point...

Did have one, but the pretty JRM distracted me. In point of fact the pic has been distracting me since yesterday, so maybe I should take it to work and have it as my desktop pic...

So I forgot to say what I did at the weekend when I was writing at the weekend, which you know was rather stoopid, but see me and you get that!

Saturday I went to the hairdressers. Yes I know that's like twice in three months and do you know what that's the most I've been in the past 11 years! I'm becoming a hairdressing veteran according to Vicky! I just think I'm addicted to having layers put in my hair! So even if I do say so myself I think I love my hair and it's hot, (haven't seen anyone to get their opinion yet and my mummy and daddy don't count! lol!)

Sunday went to see Pretty Woman in the Cinema. It was the Diet Coke Film Fest weekend so they were showing the top ten. I have to say is it only me or is Richard Gere hot in that film???? I just love the film and I wish Laura had been there to see it too. Well we'll just have to have a girly night when we can to see it then!

Oh bought...hang on what did I buy (I have no idea really) I wondered into HMV after the film to see if they had the ST to Pretty Woman for cheapness, which they didn't, but I bought two DVDs Um "Mystic Pizza" (don't think I've seen before) and oh well I'm sure I'll remember what it was later on! Was going to go for Mannequin and Overboard too, but seeing as I only had the money my mum gave me for food on sunday coldn't really buy anymore.

I only meant this to be a quick whats it. oh well...

Be proud though I managed to phone up all these people to get their bank details this morning and didn't panic once! :D! Tomorrow I'm in on my own, so I just hope noone has any questions to ask 'cos I have NO clue as to what I should say. Could be fun though...

Got to sleep. Night night xxx

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Current Music: Zed - Glorafilia

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