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Have decided, that all though I started at Starbucks last week if I… - Keeper of the Cages
Have decided, that all though I started at Starbucks last week if I don't get the weekend of the 29th off I'm going to tell Cathy the manager where to stick her job. Stick it where the sun don't shine. (Possibly her brain or other places!)

Also if I do get that weekend off, but she insists on giving me 17 hours a week I'm going to tell her to stick it too.

I don't think I can make it to January at this rate.

My office job suddenly got scary today. I'm now in control of the whole Purchase Ledger department, which wasn't supposed to happen for a months yet, when I was properly trained and had some idea of what I was doing. The thing being that after the managers had last week in the Bahamas there were some things they didn't like about what we'd been doing and they wanted to change the finance department rather quicker than was planned. Hence I become the person responsible for dealing with our creditors and everything in between! Actually I rather like it. I actually think I can do it where as before I was bricking it as to whether I'd manage to do it or not.

College is ok, though don't ever do ECDL Module 1 it's as boring as anything! I nearly fell asleep tonight! I've got exams already in Accounting (after half term) and the other one should be about the same time.

Right well no sending me "I TOLD YOU SO" messages to this 'cos I know, but anything else would be good.

Night night

Love S xxx

Current Mood: tired tired

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