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To my dearest lady Kathryn I want to wish a belated Happy Birthday. Seeing as I couldn't go yesterday.

And to my darling brother, whom I know I complain about, but hey he's my little brother and that's just the way things are done! HAPPY 19th Birthday for tomorrow.

Well the crash came and still hasn't left. It's been a close run thing over the last week whether or not I'll faint, throw up or drop dead. Well the first one almost happened on Thursday whilst working at Starbucks, but the sink provides a surprising good leaning place until equilibrium returns, so that was avoided. Friday was a brilliant day, except from the continued urge to throw up at the least little movement (yes I know going to a concert and bouncing up and down screaming yourself horse isn't a good thing, but I did it anyway!) Saturday I hit the wall running. Took Beth to Cheshire Oaks for a look before she had to go to Manchester for the train. Managed to get her there, but after that I had to drive home alone whilst fighting a migraine and lack of sight. I don't advise driving the motorways in such a state! I managed to get home and hugged my mum, after that I have no idea. I spent the rest of the day in bed trying not to move. Today well lessening of headache and only minimal sick feeling so went to Starbucks to work. Not too bad apart from the bit at the end when the mop bucket just ewww! So I'm off to bed and hopefully I'll be even better next week...! Well I can hope now can't I?!

My confrontation with Cathy (Manager woman) over my resignation was not a good thing to happen on Thursday. She made me cry 'cos I was all ick and weak and I'd already spent 7 1/2 hours in work and was on to my 9th hour with only a half hour break in there. So she was evil on the phone to me saying that she'd heard that I'd resigned and when was it effective of. I said that the letter was dated 13th October so one week after that. Then she went all evil with the whole "What are you going to do about next weeks rota then? I've rostered you in so are you going to work it?" I said that I didn't know and she replied with "Basically you don't give a shit do you?" At which point I started to cry and ramble on that it wasn't my fault that I'd gotten more responsibility at my other job and it wasn't fair to say that I could work for SBs when I didn't know if I'd be finishing work at 5pm anymore and I might have to work the odd Saturday. She continued to say "Well what are you going to do about next week then?" And I just said I'd work it. Then she suddenly changed and was all Oh well done for getting a sort of promotion, at which point I left the phone. People should think that giving some one who already works 37.5hours a week more than 8 hours is not a good thing and then to shout at them when they've not stopped in 4 weeks is not a good thing. It leads to crying and breakdowns.

So I'm leaving Starbucks, which I'm quite glad about now. I like the people and everything and I don't mind the work, but I can't stand to work another minute with Cathy. In fact I just don't think being in the same room as her in the near future would be a good thing.

I'm off to bed with happy thoughts from watching Practical Magic and seeing The Calling ZED!!!!! and The Calling! Very much in love with Zed and esp Nathan!

Love is touching souls...
Your In my blood like holy wine...
Still I'd be on my feet...
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