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Why do you always wake up when the dream starts to get interesting or… - Keeper of the Cages
Why do you always wake up when the dream starts to get interesting or really good? I mean I haven't dreamed in ages and now I have two dreams in the space of three days (or should that be nights?!) Anyway the point is I dream and when it's just getting started I wake up. It's most disconcerting. I really want to know what happened in my dream.

The Andy kissing dream looked quite good 'cos you know there was the whole come to the concert thing and be back stage whilst were on blah blah blah etc

The dream I had last night involved sailing to New York on a recreation of a 1920s/30s voyage and it was like a mystery thing where you had to solve it but in groups. The story ran as if it was all happening at that time, but not if you get what I mean. Then when we got to New York we had to follow the clues and visit the places where the real life characters in the mystery lived. It was rather exciting and I'd just found the most perfect view of All the buildings of New York light up from across the river in this penthouse apartment - decided that I wanted to live there of course - when I woke up. I want to know how the mystery ended. Who killed who, who disappeared to where, did it happen or did the ship get torpedoed in the atlantic? So many more questions to ask and no one to answer them 'cos my brain decided that it was time to wake up (at 8am I may add - so Note to brian: "8am is not an appropriate time to awaken on a Saturday morning, infact anywhere before at least 11am is scandelous! Thank you")

Hmm enough dreams I'm off to claim my free Wilkinsons Sword magic razor from Boots because it's free!
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