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Keeper of the Cages
Today I love my flist and I love salmon encroute and I love tea and I love my new teddy.

I don't love hotmail, I don't love pens, and I don't love my brother.

I should not be allowed anywhere near a pen ever ever. In fact I should be restricted to pencils. No pens for me nope nope. I've spent the last three weeks getting pen anywhere and everywhere, especially on my clothes - not good!

How does one forget to brush ones teeth in the morning? I mean if you spend 10mins in the bath room adn you walk right past it on your way downstairs how can you forget?

I found someone who can understand when I say "the thing on the thingy" whilst at work, so that's all good!

My brother has left his uni and is instead doing the foundy course at the college he went to before and then doing 3rd year at the uni. so therefore he's back home permanently. SO I want to move out. Anyone want to find a house/flat to share. I'm not too bad you know - ask Vicky and Lisa if you want references. I'm quite desperate actually. Though I love my family it's feeling small. ye gads I've only been home 7 weeks...

Current Mood: In Love
Current Music: Love love me do *bops* to Beatles

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