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When you have 3 hours to do a test and you finish it in like… - Keeper of the Cages
When you have 3 hours to do a test and you finish it in like 30minutes what does that tell you? Eother you did it wrong or it was way too easy. Well seeing as my balance sheet balanced I'd go with the latter option. Remind me again why I'm doing these courses? Oh yes that's right I wanted an easy qualification...I think they should just give me the certificates rather than make me sit there for 9 hours a week doing stuff I can do in my sleep.


Christmas plans are shaping up nicely...
Travel is going to happen.
Work Christmas Party isn't looking too bad, though still what am I going to say to people when I don't have anything to say during the day????

My brother is home. I rather think there's likely to be a massive fight sooner rather than later! Well what ever I can always go live somewhere else I guess...Wonder what Beth's doing!

Going to Lisa's for the weekend though! Shall be fun!

I'm in love with maeglinyedi's new fic!

'Tis all I have to say at this point!

Love to you all

S xxx

Current Mood: content content

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