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I did post this yesterday, but it ended up going as Private...go figure! - Keeper of the Cages
I did post this yesterday, but it ended up going as Private...go figure!

Well saw Bridget Jones on Friday with Kathryn and my mum! very good film - give it "two thumbs up fine holiday fun!" Kept getting elbowed off my mum though for laughing and clapping! meh! :P!

Went to Lisa's house on Saturday for her and Kate's leaving party. Very sad to think that she's going to be gone until like June, but hey as long as there are occassional pics and updates...hang on I just wish I was going too! The time will come I tell you!

Came home yesterday - completely dead. Driving was an experience that I don't want to try again in the near or possibly distant future!

Work to day was mad and bad. I've now got the "new" credit control list meaning that anything that's two weeks past and one week in advance I have to chase up. Thing being they have a credit control meeting on Monday afternoons, which is the only time I have to do the credit control stuff. Oh well if they don't like what I do then there isn't really anything I can do now is there?!

Oooh so what shall I have for lunch on Thursday? It's the departmental meeting so we go out for dinner afterwards. We're going to The Red Lion in Moore and I'm thinking either Lasagna or Baked Potato... not sure which yet, though I could choose something else really!

Have you ever noticed that there are an awful lot of pubs called "The Red Lion"? It's like there's rule saying there must be at least 3 or 4 in small area!
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