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Work = stupid people who don't listen. Right you know if one says… - Keeper of the Cages
Work = stupid people who don't listen.

Right you know if one says that a payment run is waiting on you getting the invoices signed and back to me what would that suggest to you? Anyone? I know you know the answer you're all rather clever. Apparantly the same can not be said about the people at work. I've asked for the past few weeks to have invoices signed and returned and not had them, so when we're starting the new one run every two weeks I neeeeeeeeed them other wise people are going to go with the court proceedings you know. But no people leave the invoices until 4.30pm, when I and the manager finish at 5pm to hand them back for matching and then confirming so by the time that's done I have to print the run at 5pm and then find every invoice on the run so that the manager has to take it home with her to check over before Monday, when she's not in so the directors can sign it off. So I finished work at like 6pm (only just).

Soooo dead!

Went out with Natalie though for cocktails at Old Orleans at Cheshire Oaks! Very good! Need to sleep now, which I will do once I've read the next installment of <lj user="maeglinyedi>'s sequal! *swoons!* Night my dear people xxx P.S. I'm off to see Zoe and the baby so meh! :D! (I think I do need sleep!)

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