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SHould have stayed in bed today! Tried to get my car all fitted out… - Keeper of the Cages
SHould have stayed in bed today!

Tried to get my car all fitted out with the CD player and In-Car phone kit, again...know what the guy turned up at like 9.20am, when he said be there for 8.30am. So I was late for work.

Phoned him at 12pm to see if it was done. Nope apparantley what I thought had been the CD player, was infact my OLD radio from my old car. Also Halfords had sold me the wrong connectors for the phone thing so he couldn't even attach that. All in all no CD player and no phone thing. Atleast I have the new facia thing so that when I do have everything it should work.

That's not all though, no that would be simple wouldn't it....The radio that is in the car no longer pics up radio stations...PISH!

Can't even begin to think about work either 'cos that was mad insane and is going to be icky tomorrow as I'm off Fri, Mon and Tues!

Oh exam tomorrow night in Word Processing, but I don't really know how to mail merge...so erm I think I shall have to take a crash course in it before 6.30pm tomorrow!

Right I think it's nearly tea time...and in that case I'm going to go eat and then lose myself in some story or other, once I've packed my clothes for the weekend.

Shoot me now it'll be a lot easier!

Final note...

Do You know how to write a cheque? I got taught how to write a cheque in my bookkeeping class tonight...erm I've had a cheque book for like 6 years and I've had to write cheques at work loads...I think I may need lessons though! It's sooo stupid!

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