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So my wish list for films to see like ASAP! The Merchant of Venice… - Keeper of the Cages
So my wish list for films to see like ASAP!

The Merchant of Venice

The Phantom of the Opera

I can't wait! Damnit why is the work's christmas whatsit on Friday??? I could have gone to see MoV instead.

Well I guess I'm going to the party thing then!


Totally different note...

I hate it when people leave you with PILES of work when you've been off and then go "oh btw you need to do this thing by like yesterday, but you still need the stuff we've left for over half a week to complete what we want" Yes thanks very much I'm going to have to go in for 8.30am and I'm not likely to leave much before 6.30pm just so I can get most of it done.

Well at least there is alcohol at the end of the week!

Right bed now before I drop tomorrow!


One last note...

Phantom site go watch/listen to the trailer! The music it always gives me tingles down my spine! I hope my darling boy will let me visit in Jan to go see it! Can you imagine it on a London stage?????? Oh maybe I'll get to see it in New York when I go! Oh I think my obsession has returned! I wish I was good enough on the piano to play the pieces properly, unlike my adapted versions where some are not played as technically as they should be!

Current Mood: obsessive!
Current Music: Phantom of the Opera

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From: (Anonymous) Date: December 3rd, 2004 09:20 am (UTC) (Link)

Not phantomish but hey...

Hello lady, how are you? I guess I can figure that out really - going slightly crazy but pretty much good. Right? Me too really, just about to leave work and it's the first time I'm going home before 7.30 this week. Mum's coming for the weekend so should be fun. Sorry I haven't answered your email but keep getting busted on hotmail. Anyway, I would love to see Chicago and 3rd weekend in January is looking good at the mo. Haven't spoken to Angela, but I really would like to come visit you then. Speak to you soon, have fun at the work party thing (you'll probably already have been)! Vicky xxxx
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