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So the works christmas party was on Friday! Yep and I went. Wasn't… - Keeper of the Cages
So the works christmas party was on Friday!

Yep and I went. Wasn't sure mind you, but it was rather fun, but I keep thinking maybe I shouldn't have had that last JD! Also asking the MD to buy me a a straight JD was a bad idea I feel!

Right so it was a the blue planet aquarium, which was kinda cool 'cos with the fishes you know! There was champagne and a casino, which I still totally don't understand what to do, but you know fun all the same! Their function room is quite good as they have this big window into the main aquarium - so they feed the fishes whilst you eat your dinner. Though the guy was in the tank with sharks and rays etc - rather scary if you ask me, I wouldn't do it. Dancing and lots of drinking. Oh and the MD, whos table I was sat on for dinner (I was convinced that I was gonna do something really stupid!), bought the whole table Tequilla - yup we all had to down them! Rather entertaining really!

Don't think I said/did anything too bad, but you never know. I seem to remember the whole night, but you know me with my thoughts always going round and round. I need someone to slap me round the face and say don't be stupid it was all good and fine! Gah I think I may be working myself up into a panic again. Ah well only two and a half weeks left until christmas hols! I can't wait, but then there is the whole remembering that I have to buy everyone's presents yet and post them! Oh dear!

Right I'm off to bed I suppose - once I've caught up on reading the slash advent calendar entries at lady kardasi's site!

Night night sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! lol!!!

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