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Am in college again. When am I not here really? So it's the last… - Keeper of the Cages
Am in college again. When am I not here really? So it's the last week before christmas next week so I'm quite happy!

I wonder if you were late for work continually and they asked for an explanation and you said, "oh but you see I started out being early, but I need to read at least one chapter of slash before I can deal with my day and well one chapter morphed into two etc and before I knew it I was late again." Do you think they would see it as a valid excuse or commit you to an asylum as they have no idea what you are going on about?!

I think that some people weren't too happy about the christmas party thing. Apparantley Deanne isn't talking to either Julie or Michelle from downstairs. They were rather drunk, as was I so I haven't seen her all day! Part of Michelle's drunken-ness was due to me as we were drinking JD straight, but it's not my fault if she decided to actually drink it - we could have found a good home for it and then gotten her another drink. Stacy wasn't too impressed with our upstairs Michelle 'cos she was sick on her skirt, but the sobbered up for the rest of the evening - though apparantly she did spend half an hour sat on our directors knee! lol!

Right I'd better go as think we're starting back again after our 15min break.

Might be on again later - need to read todays Advent!slash!

S xx

Current Mood: Studious

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