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Oh my can anyone listen to the intro to Phantom of the Opera and not… - Keeper of the Cages
Oh my can anyone listen to the intro to Phantom of the Opera and not just shivver? Or listening to The Phantom of the Opera tune? Just tingles! lol! yes I'm obsessed and I'm sooo excited that my Adam boi is going to take me to see it on a London stage in the new year! I love my boy sooo!

So I did see it last night. Quite good I mean you get to understand parts better than you could on a stage, but I think I still love the stage version! The singing was quite good, though some of them didn't have the complete range that London cast (which I have the cd of) has. Minnie Driver is spectacular as Carlotta - You have to see it just for her performance! Miranda Richards is superb too. The masquerade ball scene - OMG! the dancers with the fans and this one guy with the black and white mask - it's just so perfectly timed and precise. Oh and in that scene there is Roul wearing tight black and gold braided army uniform and his hair tied back with a black ribbon in a pony tail - such an obsession of mine! The Phantom in that scene is wearing a tight red outfit with his hair back too!

In short you should go and see it, even if you don't think it's as good as the stage performances are, it is worth watching on the big screen. The sound and the sets and the different angles you get from it add an extra dimension to things.

Not that I'm obsessed, oh no not me! ;)

Current Mood: obsessive!

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