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Ok, so I think someone's been trying to strangle me in my sleep. I'm… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok, so I think someone's been trying to strangle me in my sleep. I'm not messing. I've got these bruises that go round my neck you know like where a hand would grab you. well it's either that or a vampire! But it's really weird! They hurt too! Lucky I wear my scarf all day at work 'cos it looks rather odd! My mum's like what have you been doing to yourself and I'm like I haven't. I mean wearing my scarf means I don't touch my neck whilst in work like she said it might have been. What she meant was did I, when thinking hard (?!), put my hand on the juncture between my neck and chest. And when I'm a sleep I don't think I try strangling myself - I probably would have woken up at that right! It's a mystery and one I'm not likely to solve anytime soon! Also I know I get random bruises that I can't explain or remember how I got, but round my neck is rather ridiculas!

So other than me being strangled by someone or something it's most definitely christmas now 'cos Father
Christmas came round tonight! yay! All festive now, though there is no snow *pouts* I want it to snow really badly, but I know it wont it'll just freeze a bit and make me late for work (again!)

Oooh and I just because I HAD to I ordered the new Harry Potter! OMG am I excited. Yep it's official I'm one sad sad person, but I don't care! I like it! *starts counting down the days!* It's 6months and 15days to my birthday, making it 6months and 25days to HP!day!!!! (days 'cos I'm that bad...197 to my B'day and 207 to HP!)

Current Mood: confused confused

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