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OK so what a spifffing week! 1st there was HP:HBP which I ordered,… - Keeper of the Cages
OK so what a spifffing week!

1st there was HP:HBP which I ordered, as all and sundry should know!

2nd I got a tax rebate making my christmas pay even bigger than I thought it was going to be!!!! Sooo happy about that!

3rd I bought real ribena, yeah it's bad for you and made by a bad company, but I loves it!

4th I got two bottles of wine for christmas pressies from work!

5th I bought two raffle tickets at work and won with both! And they weren't crap prizes either - seeing as we work in industry people send us free gifts and they all go into the raffle at the end of the year. I got Este Lauder perfume and clinique perfume and there was loads of other perfumes, which aren't cheap too!

6th I don't have much work to do tomorrow! And it's a half day too!!!

7th saw this brilliant on bluemarker's LJ! You should go see!

Right I'm off to bed before I fall down again!

Night night and all that love! xx

P.S. Don't tip up a whole bottle of Witch cleansing lotion upside down when you've taken the lid off it - you will get covered in it and made all wet! Yeah I did this and I'm sooo proud! lol! *Giggles*

ETA: Oh crap I forgot what I was going to say! um I'll think about it and get back to you!

Current Mood: silly insane

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