July 9th, 2011


Day the forth

And still I'm still going strong!

A Very Very lazy day today, but for all the lazy good. Spent until 1 lying around reading then sped up to Kathryn's for a quick chat and to drop off the stuff that I'd meant to give her on Thursday, but completely forgot to pick up in my haste to head out. Actually managed to forget it again today which meant taking a circle route back home to pick it up and head out again, but I blame Spud for parking behind my car and making me move them both.

Wizzed down from Kathryn's to the village to meet Zoe for coffee which was great fun! She got me Yankee Candles for my birthday and they are brilliant! Candy Corn and Pumpkin :D

From there it was a quick trip home to change for birthday dinner with my parents and Nanna. Went to The Travellers Rest and the food is good there, so I think it'll be good for a quick trip out when the parents are away and possible for meeting people.

Not a lot to say though have listened to the NCIS Soundtrack Volume 2 which I got yesterday and it's really good. It's got Michael Weatherly singing on it and I rather liked his song. Next I have to listen to Volume 1 and see what the other actors/singers are like.

So I'm too sleep to carry on boring you all!

See you tomorrow with chatter on H5-O!

Night night Love S xxx