July 12th, 2011



So I haven't posted lyrics for a while so seeing as NCIS Volume 2 is my all new love I thought I'd post the lyrics for "That Time Of Year" by Sick Puppies. I know it's the wrong season, but well if you look at the weather it is rather cool so I'll let it slide! So without further ado...Collapse )

Today was one huge yawn and I mean that literally. Couldn't stop from 9am this morning until I got home! Not a lot of excitement except for golf tonight which was alright on the whole. Managed to get it to do what I wanted, though seeing double is not a good thing - I suppose I shall have to go make an appointment with the opticians this weekend. *Le Sigh* It's all this hard work you know it's really not good for me ;)

Going to leave work round about 2.45 on Thursday as missing lunch tomorrow and Thursday. Need time to get home relax, shower, pack my huge bag with provisions etc. It's like a military operation without you know everything else!

Nothing much to say now I suppose. I think tomorrow I might post the lyrics to "Bitter and Blue" by Michael Weatherly as it's brilliant. So in love with his singing.

Toodles for now!

Love S xxx