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A continuation of yesterday's post - Keeper of the Cages
A continuation of yesterday's post
Post got eaten, but the doom-y-ness of doom-dom.

So just go read my reply to Jigglyfrog's comment on my last post to explain that I was once again going to rant about stupid f*wits who are stupid. (yes there are two stupids in there because well they warrent it!)

In other news...

Bird on a Wire was on tonight! soooooo cooool! I adore that film. The weird thing was that whilst that was on What Women Want was on the other channel and if you flick between the two you are kind of going Young!Mel Gibson, Old!Mel Gibson, young Old Young Old - rather confusing and funny (if you're my mental age it is anyway!) Anyway I was thinking that he kind of acts how I think Sirius after POA - all kid-esq etc. Anyway I recommend the film, so you should all go and watch it and then listen to Jenifer Warnes singing "Bird on a Wire"! soo good!

Righ tbed now seeing as today I nearly crashed at my desk by the time it got to 4.30pm, might have had somehting to do with the fact that I didn't eat today...*ponders* hmmm *shrugs* what ever!

Hope you're all having happy life-ness!

We will return you to your usually programming now.

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