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I saw Ella Enchanted and then waited 30mins to go see The… - Keeper of the Cages
I saw Ella Enchanted and then waited 30mins to go see The Incredibles. Very good both I feel.

Now on the subject of Ella Enchanted...The Prince wears LEATHER! Trousers with High black Riding BOOTS! *Swoons!* And then there is the point where hes all no top with Leather trousers and riding boots. Oh and the velvet suit too... Not that I spent the whole movie staring at his obviously pretty trousers/legs/etc! No I did watch the movie too. It's good light entertainment, which means that the kids that go to see it don't laugh at the funny bits and just well are "Waaaay too grown up for that sort of thing" Why is it that kids want to grow up? Being grown up is too terrible for words - you have to think of sensible things like "can I pay my rent/car insurance/taxes etc etc?" Instead of thinking "School ick, weekends/school hols yay!"

Well I suppose I should go to bed as I didn't get up early this morning to buy boots and jeans, instead I woke up and managed to tell myself to sleep again, which for once I obeyed not waking until 1.30pm! Have to get up tomorrow to do so...

Right love to you people!

S xxx

P.S. it's Severus' birthday! (9th Jan!) Wonder what he's going to get?!
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