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Disaster zone, enter at your own risk! - Keeper of the Cages
Disaster zone, enter at your own risk!
You know I shouldn't have been allowed out this week.

Monday - I just couldn't stay awake. Managed to drag myself to the end of the day at work and then went an made a mess of my coursework at college.

Tuesday - Work rather a blur, not much of a clue except I bought a monitor and went shopping in Asda. Went to college and waste an hour and a half doing something I'd already done with out noticing until I'd nearly finished it (again!)

Wednesday - Asda again, but this time found nutterageous bars so it was all good! Left my phone at work so couldn't do much when I got home. College the guy had taught us the wrong thing before christmas adn then tried to re-teach it. Luck the exam isn't until after the main on in March! Oh and to go back to the beginning of the day I got up at 8.05am (I needed to wash my hair - no such luck.) And I put my jumper on the wrong way round therefore not noticing until I was at work and had to got to the toilets to change it around.

Thursday - Couldn't concentrate I have no idea what I did, but it took all day whatever it was. Just before leaving work I managed to spill half a cup of tea all over my desk, the payment run, a huge stack of invoices, all the other paraphinalia on my desk (when I just happened to be having a messey desk day no less!) into my four draws and on to the floor. Had to spend about 10minutes cleaning up and now I'm hoping the worst covered invoices dry before I have to file them tomorrow afternoon!

Friday - well it's only 20minutes old, so I don't know yet, but I hope I'm safe. I have a plan though - pigtails and taking in my Harry Potter calendar - I need distractions from boredom at work!

Right yes going to bed now other wise I'm going to be in a complete mess!

Nite Nite xx

P.S. Happy Birthday Emma - hope you have an excellent weekend with people in Aber!

P.P.S. watched "I, Robot" tonight - rather liked it. I have Thunderbirds to watch tomorrow night.

Current Mood: restless restless

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