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SO weird. Woke up with my alarm at 7.10am, so I turned it off and… - Keeper of the Cages
SO weird.

Woke up with my alarm at 7.10am, so I turned it off and went back to sleep - it is Saturday you know :).

Had a weird dream about Fern Britten and Philip Schofield presenting Time Team from a studio whilst Tony Robinson was at the site, which not only involved archeology, but random Fern and Phil talk and new pop bands performing. Rather confusing if you ask me.

Then woke up and thought "Oh Sh**e It's Monday and I'm sooo late." Had to run downstairs and ask my Dad if it was still Saturday and I hadn't slept the whole weekend away.

You have no idea how panicked I was for the five minutes it took me to realise it was stil Saturday I hadn't missed the weekend and no I wasn't going to get put on report at work for being late by nearly 3 hours.

See why when I finally get to dream does it mess me up? Why doesn't it involve pretty bois?

Right so I'm going to eat lunch and then possibly, more than likely watch as many Buffy/Angel videos as I can in the next two days 'cos Mummy and Daddy are going away until Thursday and last time they went away and I was at home I bought/watched said vids :)! So it's only right to do so isn't it.

Toodles xx

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Current Music: Slept So Long - Queen of the Damned ST

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