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Right the choice of film this afternoon is...

"12 Angry Men" Which I rather like - it's got the guy that plays Quincy in it (& I watched Quincy this morning)


"The Colditz Story" Which I rather like too - it has quite a lot of famous old actors in it (started watching it last night before my brother and his girlfriend came home)

Well I'm filling out the application forms to start my AAT I want to do it, but looking at the questions I seem to be in the wrong section of finance - I should be back in practise and not industry. Then again I'm doing it so I can go back to practise, so I think the quicker I get through it the better it will be for me.

I like the people I'm working with and I think I'm understanding what to do a lot better, but I don't feel like it's right for me. Yeah how can I say that I've only been there for 6 months it's not even enough time to decide on getting a place to rent.

Anyway enough complaining about the job - I'm going to enjoy it and then see what happens right!

I hope you're Saturday is brilliant and to my darling people who are traveling with out me (that would be you Lisa and Kathryn) I hope that Sunday is a good day :D xx

Love S xxx
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