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A confession - Keeper of the Cages
A confession
I saw this How To "Come Out" of the Fandom Closet by writers_wrath on daily_snitch and it got me thinking.

I'm a fangirl most definitely, but the only part of fangirl people know about me really is that I like Harry Potter and will relate an awful lot of stuff to HP. And yes I know it get annoying when I relate everything to HP, but you see I can't help it - I'm lost to the wider world!

Only a few from RL know my shipper tendencies and one of them found out by accident, which I do profusely apologise for seeing as I think it may have traumatised her for a long time.

So I guess this is me confessing (while I'm no where near all my darling people who know me in RL and read this!) that I am a Harry Potter fangirl and a slasher.

And it is so very true that "Loving ourselves means being true to the reality of who we are, and it is the saving Truth Jesus spoke of: "and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32)." first line of a random article

So take me or leave me this is who I am and I'm quite happy to go around wearing my HP scarves, ties, badges and all other manner of HP related things (which I have done for a while). I just have to add to the picture of me that people know that I am a HP shipper too.

"Veritas Vos Liberabit" (a mangling of John 8:32!)

But then again maybe I should take this new found freedom and put it into place in other parts of my life...well we'll see shant we ;)

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Current Music: Will Young - Your Love Is King (BJD-EoR ST)

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