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Right yeah um this is short and sweet like the last one I can't… - Keeper of the Cages
Right yeah um this is short and sweet like the last one I can't remember what I wrote before so if I repeat forgive and continue on your merry little way!

I've now got an AIM name so when I get chance I will use that seeing as you don't need to have the actual messenger on the pooter, just open that weird window thing and it even works in the stupid lab! Wooot!

Um Had the most painful tutorial ever - there were two people doing the same presentation, but they didn't work together so said basically the same things adn then we were supposed to ask questions, but had nothing to ask and then the tutor said that I was more talkative in Industrial Economics last semester and I was thinking yeah well that was 'cos I had something to say and the tute was easier to talk in. Oh well! I can just tell he's gonna pic on me so I'd better prepare next time! :P

Oh and then there was a banking lecture and that was well fun filled! *sarcastic tone asnd face!*

Right yeah so I'm gonna stop being all boring about economics, 'cos I tell you it bores me stupid so people who aren't doing it must be well comatose listening! LMAO! I'm insane!

Oh yeah I'm talking to Si on MSN! Woot! love to you! Haven't seen you there for like 2 weeks!

Going now! copy paste girl has struck again! Bumble bees!

Current Mood: content content
Current Music: Sister Hazel - I have no idea the song name!

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