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Ok so I seem to have no been here properly since for at least a week… - Keeper of the Cages
Ok so I seem to have no been here properly since for at least a week (or that's what I'm guessing seeing as I haven't actually looked at my posts today...)

Anyway I'm off to Liverpool tomorrow for a VAT course, which will I think be completely and utterly boring, but I have to listen as apparently they test you...not too sure about that. But the plus side is that I've been told it finishes at like say 1.30pm (or 2pm) and that means I can go into town shopping and go to Schu and Office and H&M and some other places and hopefully find at least one pair of gorgeous boots!

Oh and I'm off to see Anastacia on Saturday, so I'm thinking if I get gorgeous boots I can wear them and my jeans and one of the new tops I bought before Paris, though the one I want to wear happens to be shall we say "oh dear I fell out of it" if you move! Maybe I'll go with the green one...I think I shall take pics and you can help me decide...

Right you know I was supposed to be doing this months departmental meeting well I'd managed to sort it out reasonably, but then got told that I need to reschedule it, which is fine apart from the fact that if I do that it'll be April and we might as well wait until Jane does hers. This I was talking about this moring to Michelle from downstairs and didn't realise that my Director was behind meand I was rather moaning about him...ooops! I felt rather daft all day!

Speaking of today or rather last night I got a call from Kathryn, which made my week love! And I really want to come over so I might try it in like say June...We'll see anyway :D

Didn't really get much sleep last night and for some reason I don't think I have in a while, so I spent today in a bit of a daze...not sure what I said to people half the time and you know trying to stamp my chest with the recieved stamp (which happens to be red and blue) isn't a good idea. I just... I don't know...

Right I'm going to find sleep or turn the tv on to CSI: Crime Scene Investigation followed by CSI: Miami.

Night night my darlings hope you have sweet dreams

Current Mood: groggy Dazed

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From: hunting_orc Date: March 23rd, 2005 06:23 am (UTC) (Link)
I finish this job around the middle of June... but you might want to come when it's warmer? That's the middle of winter and not exactly a cheap time to fly. I'd look for something in the autumn (at home) and see if you can get a good deal. Say, around mid october? ;)
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