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Seriousness in my world of silly - Keeper of the Cages
Seriousness in my world of silly
So as all will undoubtebly know I have these one-to-one meetings with my manager at work every month. (how could anyone miss the rantings and ravings I happen to post about them?!)

Anyway last one was about the personality test I took and setting forth things I need/want to do and things I need/want from my manager.

So the list involved the following:

1. Making payments on the system
2. Taking over queries about invoices
3. Asking for help/more explanation on things
4. Taking over more things from Michelle
5. Finding out about AAT
6. Sorting out what level I would start at
7. Finding out what Mid-Cheshire College has to offer in the way of AAT
8. Will I sink or Swim?

So looking at the list I have managed to do one completely (1.) two partly (2 & 3) though I seem to be sliding backwards somewhat on the taking over queries side and sometimes I don't feel I can ask for more information (depends on the mood of my manager and what's going on at the time). I have no idea where to start with number 4, so I shall have to ask for guidance with that one. The next three (5, 6 & 7) I've looking at for a while, but I'm still none the wiser as to where I'd start nor what Mid-Cheshire really have to offer as they give you the standard printouts and not much else. I suppose I should e-mail both the AAT people and the college to find out what they have to say, but I haven't gotten round to it yet.

The last point - Will I sink or swim? Stacy (my manager) asked me if I thought I was going to sink or swim in the job, though she said bobbing was also allowable. I want to swim, if for nothing else than to gain more experience and prove once and for all where I want to be. I can deal with treading water though as it means I haven't completely failed and gotten so lost there is no hope of ever seeing land again! The problem with that question has become more prominent - it's not a case of "Will I?", but more of a "Do I want to?". This month has been hectic and I know that you get that what ever you do, but I'm really not sure if I want to swim where I am. I like the people I really do, I even like the work most of the time, but it's me I just keep seeing things I want to do places I want to be and a person I want to be.

I want to go traveling,
I want to become an accountant,
I want to live in Scotland,
I want to have a life that has people in it and not me just floating along sleeping and going to work,
similarly my "I WANT" rant before still stands

I know to get these things I have to

Stay where I am
Learn the basics & get experience
Let someone else pay for my first two years of training
Deal with people calling me a lier when things go wrong that are out of my control
Save money to buy/rent a house

I can wish though can't I?! Just for a while and get terribly homesick for Scotland and my friends there. Home is no fun with everyone gone and wishing I'm with them helps little as it just makes Runcorn look even more grey than it already is.

So I suppose the plan to get me past my first year at work is thus...

Work as hard as I can
Don't let people get to me
Spend weekends visiting people
Saving money so I know when I do leave I'll have the funds for travel and a new start
Begin training for AAT and actually work at it rather than skim past as I have so spectacularly done in the past

I have a five year plan you know...
Year 1 (this year) (23) - Work & training
Year 2 (2006) (24) - Work & training (+ graduation!)
Year 3 (2007) (25) - Work (possibly traveling to other offices if I'm allowed - I mean I'll have to go see the offices in say the USA, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Spain!) Quitting
Year 4 (2008) (26) - Traveling to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and some other places
Year 5 (2009) (27) - Move to Scotland and get a job in an accountancy firm OR Move near home to get a start on my Chartered Accountancy OR Live/Work somewhere fabulously foreign(!)

So that's my 5 year plan. Quite boring really when you look at it, but still there is hope! Is it bad to be thinking about quitting? Some days it's what gets me through it! I wonder where Stacy sees me in 5 years time. I have my strategy, but still you know those things never really turn out how they say!

Anyway now I've bored you all silly with my serious talk, or should I call it venting? Hmmm I might have to go with the latter on that one though it's not said in a shouty voice, just a rather dejected sigh-y voice.

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From: hunting_orc Date: April 11th, 2005 12:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
You should definately pose the 'want to travel' thing at some point, but from a kind of 'I know there are offices overseas and I've always been interested in foreign study and travel'-type thing... that way, she won't see it as leaving, more as expanding yourself and being more of an asset to the company.

Honest. <-- is talking... still talking...
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