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OH Dear! I think I ranted a bit about Braveheart on… - Keeper of the Cages
OH Dear!

I think I ranted a bit about Braveheart on maeglinyedi's journal, for which I say oops and that when I get started on something that niggles I can't stop! I'm not even Scottish for flips sake, but the lack of care over historical content just makers me annoyed. How many people will actually visit Scotland and think that the history of it is like that portrayed in Braveheart and not learn the truth of what happened. Which would you rather do? Sit and read a history book or watch a film and get a condesed version and hope that it's mostly accurate? Yes that's what I thought.

I'm going before I continue to rant and not be constructive. I have a strategy to sort out and hopefully make it look like I've been doing things towards finding out about AAT rather than spending many many hours pissing about doing absolutely nada! (crappy one-to-one where I'm so going to look stupid)

Oh pishit.

S xx
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