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Well today really didn't go how I wanted. First of all I was late… - Keeper of the Cages
Well today really didn't go how I wanted.

First of all I was late for work - this involved driving all over the village to try and get out of it then through Helsby to the motorway, which happened to be blocked up! Along the expressway all the way to work some complete and utter F***WIT drove in my boot. This all lead me to shouting in the car and being in a very angry mood when I got to work. It was a toss up between shouting and punching something/someone or crying. Neither emotion won as I just hid behind my hair and worked.

I was supposed to have my one-to-one with Stacy. I was going to discuss the following:

Pension Scheme,
Bonus Scheme,
and whatever random things cropped up.

So the one-to-one never happened and I have to wait until tomorrow to have it.

Luckily Michelle (B) asked me if I was going into the pensions meeting at 1.30pm. At that I was like "What pensions meeting?" Not happy about that. So I asked and apparently I should (should being the operative word here) have received a letter with a formal job offer on it in January after my probationary period. This was supposed to have an offer for me to join the pension and health care scheme. Right well you see I never got the letter so I've missed out on two months worth of contributions. I'm rather annoyed at that.

So now instead of asking if I can join the pension scheme I'm going to ask what the hell that letter I was meant to have had said and what it offered and Can I please have the pension contributions back-dated as I want my pension and I know how important it is, even if I'm only 22.

Did go to the pensions meeting and I was all like "Duh" when the woman started talking about living longer...I was like yes and it's an ageing population leading to a pyramid scheme trend where a small generation has to support an ever increasing pension generation. Mainly due to the baby booms in the early half of the 20th century and the fact that people have fewer children and yes the longer life expectancy. Hey I remember stuff from my dissertation! *bashes head to try and remove information!*

Bookkeeping was crap - we get 1hr 30mins for the exam. I did the mock in less than 30mins and we're not allowed to leave... could be interesting! One more week and then that's it! woot!

I seem to be ranting again so, I'm putting the above behind a cut so it doesn't fill up friends pages and the likes.


S xxx

P.S. Vicky I'm constantly thinking happy thoughts of Scotland! ;)

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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