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Happiness and pain - Keeper of the Cages
Happiness and pain
Hey! Still in the land of the living, or almost so :D

I spent a brilliant weekend with Vicky and Angela and really didn't want to come home (I will be talking more about that in about 3 minutes!)

Friday I finished work early so I could go meet with my old boss to see what he suggested I should do. He basically said that my doing AAT was a complete and utter waste of 2 years. The idea is to now go and apply for a three year training contract with an Institute if Chartered Accountants England and Wales. Fair enough that was always my goal. I have places to look adn ideas on what sort of things I should be looking at rather than just going for the first one I see. So we are all planned on the career path.

Went up to Vicky's after that, didn't arrive until 10pm, but she didn't seem to mind too much! There was wine and the new season of Big Brother! I love my Vicky and her BB!

Saturday we wondered round Stirling looking in the shops where I bought a new t-shirt, which I rather adore, and a new pair of shoes - they are actually comfy and can only get even more so due to the fact that they are made of soft light green leather! They are cool! Went back to the flat to get ready to go meet Angela.

Edinburgh on a Saturday night can be most interesting! There was a really nice Italian Restaurant called Bar Roma just of George street. The Pasta was gorgeous! So where the two bottles of wine we had! Then we went up to near Frankensteins for the Vodka bar - there is just sooooo many different types of vodka you'd just get lost in there! After Vodka and Frankensteins (well had to see what it was like at night now didn't I?!) We went to this bar/club on George Street which seemed to be full of posh wankers, but still there was alcohol involved!

Sunday was nice. Lunch and then coffee with Angela before going back to Stirling and a take away Mmmm!

Monday we spend wondering around Bridge of Allen, the shops and then up the hill a bit before sitting near the river and getting slightly burnt. Drove home just after 6pm and got in at 11pm. Sleepy, but rather happy & relaxed.

So you see good weekend must be followed by an awful lot of crap mustn't it?!

Got to work this morning and the first thing Stacy said was "The payment run didn't go on Friday" It's bloody month end, the MD is away for two weeks the FD (aka F@*$@*g D@*$*%@d who caused all the crap) is off until Thursday and then off for the next two weeks. So I was telling people all last week it'd be sent Friday and they'd get it Wed/Thurs into their bank. Not a hope now, so I'm going to get all the angry people shouting at me again. It's not my fault. I'm tempted to just put all calls through to the FDs phone and he can deal with them when he gets in. If that wasn't enough I got pulled into one of the offices (we're generally open-plan with a few offices for "special people" aka those who do bugger all and tell you off for no reason) by my manager and told that if I was not at my desk at 9am for the next two weeks I'm going to be taken to HR and put on report. Oh and I've been swiping my card later than 30minutes for lunch when I go out of the building. You know what usually I'm getting lunch for other people so what do they expect if I get sent to several different places? So now I've decided that I will go in at 8am and sit at my desk (doing nothing because I have no work until the post arrives and is sorted) then at 9am, once everyone has walked past me I will got get the post so I can start doing my job. Lunch time I can't leave the building unless I drive at 90mph both there and back and don't get anything for anyone else. The stupid thing is I got questioned on why I'd been working late the other week. So do they not cancel each other out? Do they not go by the time worked rather than me being like a maximum of five minutes late? I have no idea what they want me to do. It's not as if I take breaks in the morning or the afternoon, if I need the loo I'll wait until I really have to go and then usually I'll go via taking things to other people. I'm just really angry and I have never worked any where people were so bloody petty. What difference does five minutes make whether I'm sat at my desk or picking up the post from downstairs, so long as I get the work done? I was all for handing in my notice and if I hadn't already decided that come the end of June I was going to I would have done it there and then.

Gods I'm so very pissed off at it all and the end of July, when I would actually finish, can't come sooner.

So to sum up...

I'm quiting my job.
I've got a plan set up for what I will do starting next September.
I know I'm going to spend August in Scotland.
I have to decided if my thoughts of traveling around Britain would be good ones and if I could afford the petrol!

Right to bed I think so I can wake up and function. Oh I am going to be wearing my tie tomorrow. I don't car if they think I'm strange - this is me and if I'm leaving they can meet me!

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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