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I have a cold. Don't ask me how I didn't leave my room all… - Keeper of the Cages
I have a cold. Don't ask me how I didn't leave my room all yesterday. I think it may have been due to the fact that the window in my room was open and it was rather cold up there Friday night/Saturday day. Not impressed at all as it leads pressure in my eyes.

I spent a whole day with out my glasses yesterday. Makes me really appreciate them. I always forget how blind I am with out them as I can navigate the house quite well - I have lived here for about 18 years! It's when you look at people or sit at the table and can't see the details of things on it. I spent dinner asking my dad what the questions on the tv screen were as I'd missed what the presenter had said. Was listening to Weakest Link: Tv chefs and then In It To Win It the Lottery quiz show thingy.

My teddy got a bath today. Well my mum put him in the washing machine and then hung him by his leg from the washing line. He wasn't completely dry when she brought the washing in so she put him in the tumble dryer. He came out all warm and rather fluffy! Quite amusing really, though I felt horrible that he had to spend most of the day being spun round and round. He now smells of Persil washing powder and is again white.

Right I'm off to bed, as tomorrow is work day. Really don't want to even contemplate going in, but pish.

Did I say that I had 14days of holiday left? I'm gettin paid for it instead of taking it - I don't think Stacy would love me for taking my last two weeks as holiday!

Nighty night my dears

S xx

Current Mood: crappy Pathetic

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