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Bad day. Got burnt at work. Stupid drinks tray. Went to get drinks… - Keeper of the Cages
Bad day.

Got burnt at work.

Stupid drinks tray.

Went to get drinks for everyone just after lunch and was walking back to our part of the building with a tray full of hot tea, coffee, and hot water. There are four doors between the canteen and our bit. Managed two of the doors when I was just about to open the third and the Managing Director suddenly burst through them and knocked the tray spilling everything over me and the carpet. Rather a shock. I looked like I'd been in a wet t-shirt competition! Hurt rather. Not a good idea when you're carrying drinks at chest height and I must say I'm not small in that department! Poor chest and poor hand.

So now my left boob is a bit sore and my hand hurts when I put it under warm water.

Well at least I left my mark on the company in my last week. I've left a stain on the carpet and there are now signs on the doors saying "Beware personnel"! Rather pretty signs too if I might add - blues and purples :D!

I'm going to bed in a bit to sulk or whatever.

Oh and in other news Party at Cheshire Oaks on Friday night!

Slashy goodness!

Current Mood: sore sore

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