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I wish for peace

Hey! ok so I've finished my essays, just got to read all the stuff for my presentation and then life can go back to normal! When I say normal I mean reading of fic and doing little else! Don't you just love that kind of life!

Ok so how much of an idiot can I be?! I handed the essay in at like 9am then went to my lecture, I was early for once!, sat down was talking to Sian and she mentioned something about graphs. Then it hit me OMG what an idiot! When handing in an economics essay that has spaces prepared for graphs to be drawn in you'd better remember to do it! Yup I'm that much of an idiot! Oh well I managed to get it back from the lecturer and filled them in, but what was I thinking?! Oh yeah that's right my mind was on shut down! *giggles!*

So what else has been happening in the world of me since my random postage yesterday?! Nothing except going to tescos and finding the most gorgeous margharitta pizza ever!! Nummy is only one word to describe it and there are many more I could use!

Hmmm Oh yeah nearly had a giggling fit in my half unit class this morning! That was funny - not the class that's as boring as anything, but the giggling! People looked! :P to them! Gonna post a what not in a min! so go there if you can! Or feel inclined to do so, which I'm not sure if you'd want to but meh it's neither here nor there to me just bumbles! oh and bees!

Current Mood: crazy crazy
Current Music: Random Beth CD track 18

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