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Not a lot to say. Teaching Mrs Tingle is on the tv at the moment.… - Keeper of the Cages
Not a lot to say.

Teaching Mrs Tingle is on the tv at the moment.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It's odd having had a weeklong weekend. I'm going to have to become constructive next week otherwise the next 7 weeks are going to be very very long.
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From: princessirene Date: August 7th, 2005 09:56 am (UTC) (Link)
i see what you mean about the greeness. very nice.
When you go to Canada will it be snowing? I love snow so throw a snowball or two for me and wave at the bears, but don't get too close they are DANGEROUS. Very jealous by the way.
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: August 7th, 2005 06:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I'm plotting what else to do with it, but I'm not very lj-technology minded!

Going to Canada in October so there should be snow by the time I leave in November. Does it snow in America much do you think? I'll definitely throw a couple of snowballs for you!

Yeah people keep telling me scary stories about the bears. Don't think I'll be going too close to them!
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