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You know there was actually something I was going to write. Ho hum -… - Keeper of the Cages
You know there was actually something I was going to write. Ho hum - very forgetful in my old age, then again I've always been forgetful.

Rather windy up here in my room. It's warm so then has to open ones window, but there is a wind outside which makes inside cold. I can't win!

I did manage to awaken before 12, but then decided that falling back to sleep was a good idea - my bed was nice and warm.

Hot tea. Can one every beat hot tea? I'm going to have to take a packet of tea when I go traveling.

Daddy wont get a kitty even though they said on the news that there were too many at the rescue centre and they really need homes. I just want a baby kitty - they are so cute. Might be due to the fact that Daddy doesn't like the things. Mummy said when I got my own home I could have as many as I liked! Heee heee! sooo cute!
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From: hunting_orc Date: August 8th, 2005 12:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I've discovered that Bell tea over here is pretty good. I'll try and send you some soonish so that you can try it out. It's basic, just... TEA. Which is good, so I don't have to have English Breakfast! Which... actually, I had so-called EB in Eastbourne and it tasted like tea, so maybe... hmm.
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