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"Don't worry I'm not spending the inheritance" "Good" [looks out of… - Keeper of the Cages
"Don't worry I'm not spending the inheritance"
[looks out of window at shirtless gardener]
"I'm leaving it all to Derek"

The new Vauhall advert, which is a follow on from the last one where there were the two little boys being all grown up and talking about the adults like adults do about children is very amusing! There is a new family moved in nextdoor and they go to see the new car. The last bit is class though...

"You should get your two together with ours."
[Crashing of plates breaking in the background]
"It's been a long day for them"
[all] "They're over tired"

Can't find a copy of it on the net which is rather mean I think.

The KFC advert distresses me. It's just wrong and annoying. Stupid singing parents.

I think that's all about the adverts for the moment.

On a completely different note - The Southbank Show is doing a two part on Margot Fonteyn. Her dancing *swoons*
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