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Yes it's after 1am. But I is all warm and also I was doing the… - Keeper of the Cages
Yes it's after 1am. But I is all warm and also I was doing the Sudoku on msn & yahoo. I shall be a genius in the numbers 1-9!

"The Bank of Mum & Dad" the lass on it is a completely spoilet little brat. I know I'm definitely a mummys & daddys girl, but I do know that once you have spent your money you can't spend more and getting into debt will only cause more problems than it solves.

Talking about money...

I know that I'm going to completely run down my savings with my traveling, but I also know that once I come back I have a direction and career that I want to pursue. I may not receive a large salary during training, but once I'm trained I can earn a lot of money. But it's not all about the money it's about enjoying what you do and making your life as easy and comfortable as possible. I want a house that's mine, but that will have to wait. I can deal with that. Well when I'm trained I might see what's going abroard...See where I like this year and then plot and plan!

I need to go now otherwise I'm going to ramble even more. Signed programs are rather good. Though the sign person stands in front of writing on the screen.
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