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3am. guess I should go to sleep really. I'm in that dead tired all… - Keeper of the Cages
3am. guess I should go to sleep really. I'm in that dead tired all day thing, but can't actually sleep at night. Oh well I guess I should blame it on the laptop, but how can I?! Poor laptop didn't make me stay on-line now did it?!

Going to Stirling on Thursday before going to Mull on Friday. That should be fun.

Graeme's in work tomorrow. He got a job at one of the sport centres near here coaching kids for the summer. Also he's on all these coaching courses. Maybe he'll end up earning lots of money as a personal trainer and give me some! Yeah right! He's signed up for the FA coaching courses too. Wonder if he'll meet more famous footballers - he usually does when he goes to football training/coaching things, jammy boy!

I'm rambling and I also can't tell what keys I'm pressing as I'm lying down with the laptop on my stomach. Quite nice and warm actually - glad I perfected the art of falling asleep with a laptop on me and not tipping it on the floor with the ancient one I would hate to see what would happen if I tried it with this one.

Night Night

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