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Final for the day - I have to go home! But first! - Keeper of the Cages
Final for the day - I have to go home! But first!
Right in Career planning we had to say what our most positive features were and I couldn't think of any so my mission to you, should you choose to accept it (please do 'cos I need help for next week!), can you think of my positive things like things I'm good at, you know friendly etc, kind of like things that sell me to prospective employers! I know it's crap, but I have to just pass this bit and then no more! I'm only doing it so I can get better at application forms etc! Oh yeah I miss the assessed/videoed job interview 'cos it's in the four days between mid-semester and Easter and there is no way on earth I'm coming back. I'm so upset at missing it! NOT! I'm ecstatic! I was really worried about doing it! now I'm not even going to be here! WOOT!! Right yeah so ta for your help in advance! love you all! XX
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