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We're flying out tonight. Rather tired adn I'm not impressed with my… - Keeper of the Cages
We're flying out tonight.

Rather tired adn I'm not impressed with my choic of books to read of the holiday. Trying to copy cds etc to the zen, but the pooter is being stupid - it really doesn't seem to like Pink, which is rather annoying.

My big computer has died. They think it's the same thing that happened last year when I was doing my dissertation. So Dad's taking it to the shop to see if all the need to do is replace the bit that's broken again or just take all the stuff off it and get one that will work. Hope they can fix it. I'm not sure if I'll be allowed a new big computer what with having the laptop and all.

Um that's about it. Hope I find an internet cafe whilst away or that the hotel has access. Well it'll be practise for when I'm without my laptop for the next millon months! I'm just going to have to learn to bookmark everything I look at so when I'm home again I can find it etc.

I'm rather worried about going to America now. I really wanted to go down to New Orleans and all the places round there, but now I'm most definitely not going to visit them. People can be so scary sometimes. What part of they are trying to help save you do people not understand? Crazy is all I can say. And in a "civilised" country too.

'K back to the copying! Toodles S xx
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