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Hey! Guess what apparantly Stirling Uni ended up on the BBC news… - Keeper of the Cages
Hey! Guess what apparantly Stirling Uni ended up on the BBC news website 'cos it caused the whole of Stirling to come to a stand still yesterday afternoon! *goes off to check the web site* *comes back* Oooooh! we be in the news! want to see?! you know you do! *smirks!* Stirling stoppage! Yeah so there you go - I was stuck on a bus behind the march 'cos I had to go into uni to use the library. One of my flatmates was in it though and she got her picture in the metro, though she isn't looking! *giggles!*

Hmmm what else Oh yeah I'm home! I felt soooo home sick yesterday 'cos I was watching the Liverpool match which was being played at Anfield and I wanted to be there so bad with my Dad and Brother, though I think I would have been mucho angry had I actually been there 'cos they lost to Celtic - I mean I ask you! (no offense to Celtic supporters, just Liverpool be my team and if they lose then I just get a bit weird!). *runs away fast!* But home now so very happy!

Ok so I'm going to sleep, but I will post tomorrow properly and then I'll ramble about the sunset and what happened!

Night Night!

Love S xx

Current Mood: sleepy sleepy

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