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Oh my I woke just before having a major panic attack thinking it was… - Keeper of the Cages
Oh my I woke just before having a major panic attack thinking it was Friday and not Thursday. What is one to do?

I need to find somewhere to put all my printed papers. What do I do???? Mummy said they were going to redecorate my room and I might even get a new carpet out of it too! Oh I am excited, but all my stuff and what if they start reading all my papers, which Mummy has a tendancy to do. Can't let them read that stuff now can I??? Hmmm Hopefully I can hide them all before I go. Wonder if it'll get done before I return from America. She said Daddy would pain stars on my ceiling! Sooo cool. I'm definitely having Draco and Canis Minor/Major and Orion and Cancer and Leo and Pegasus and Ursa Minor and Centaurus and Crux and Lapus and Phoenix and Pyxis. I think I should just tell him to try and squish both the constellations of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres on my roof. I mean it's big enough. But I wont be able to have my posters up if I do that 'cos of the slopes.

Gods I can't believe this time next week I'll be in Canada. What an exciting thing and what a daunting prospect! Nearly the other side of the world!

Right yes must go collect stuff to take to the post office and then go retrieve my sunglasses from the opticians. Thank goodness they managed to get both sets back so quickly.

Current Mood: worried Paniced

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