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Spooked beyond compare spooked beyond belief - Keeper of the Cages
Spooked beyond compare spooked beyond belief

Right well I'm a complete nutcase! Yes you all knew that already, but I thought I'd share my latest nutty stunt with you to prove it again!

So there seems to be an abundance of spooky/ghosty type programs on the tv lately. Now I rather love these programs. Fine enough, but I totally freaked myself out on Saturday night watching one of them. My parents have gone away to Paris for the weekend which leaves just me and the spud here. Spud had to work 2Kinky (one of the theme nights at the local club, though from what I gather there is absolutely no kink involved and that is just sad I think! I mean some kink would be good, but then again thinking of the people that go there I shudder at the thought :D!) Anyway so I was watching Sea of Souls which is set in Scotland and is about two people from one of the universities in Glasgow and they rewsearch paranormal activity. So the story this week was about a ghost in hotel - fine enough. The thing was I was in the house alone (doesn't normally bother me) and the house started making a fine set of noises. So I got freaked out big style to make it worse I had to get myself from the lounge up to my bedroom where the lightbulb in my bedside lamp has died. So that was a fun night. Couldn't really get to sleep until spud came home at 4am.

Then yesterday lots of ghostly programs for me to watch! There was a program about British psychics and they have to do all these challenges each week to see if the panel of skeptics can be pursuaded they are real etc etc. So obviously that involved ghosts and what not. Then on ITV3 there was the second episode of Supernatural, which is a program I first saw in Canada and fell in love with (so should have bought the dvd whilst out there - idiot!) Anyway Supernatural is obviously about ghosts and things that go bump in the night! Would have been fine watching these programs if Spud hadn't been out at football. I can tell you I was glad when he returned home, though he spent the rest of the evening laughing at me and calling me a muppet for watching it if I got spooked the night before!

I guess last night I should have watched the spinoff from Inspector Morse, Lewis, but I was recording it so I could watch it with my mum when she gets home. I mean that would have been a lot safer on the whole spooked front now wouldn't it?! Well tonights viewing will be tame as it's life on mars, which only involves a guy in a coma and who 'woke up' in 1973 and he's a policeman. Well interesting a program it is. So I shall watch that with no worry as to being spooked.

Right I'm off to take the last of the washing out of the machine and hopefully find somewhere to hang it - I totally ran out of space yesterday :D!

Have a fun day/night wherever you are

Love S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And yes the subject is a changing of some of the words from Les Mis song 'Master of the House' "Food beyond compare, Food beyond belief..."

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